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автор: SahaКомментарий
Хорошие фотки.Мне нравится

автор: KoitKolКомментарий
It's recently started to warm up here in Sunny England. Now I actually quite enjoy the warm weather and usually I take full advantage.
But one thing that is annoying during the hot summer months is the fact it makes sleeping very difficult. Sometimes I just lay there a soak the pillow in sweat!!
I try to combat this by plugging in the fan next to the bed.
What methods do you use to make sure you get a good and comfortable nights sleep during the hot sticky summer nights?

автор: cKobaКомментарий
I think Burger King is the better fast food joint out of the two of these. The burgers taste better, the fries taste better, the have WAY better pies and the only thing McDonalds does better than them is the chicken nuggets.

автор: JohnDaysКомментарий
This came to me while sitting at work freezing to death.

If you had to choose to be really hot or really cold all the time which would you choose and why? I have to deal with both pretty regularly with deployments and stuff.

Right now I'm in the desert. It's really hot during the day and then at work it's always really cold. I think if I had to choose I'd want to be always hot. I hate the desert and I hate being hot, but something about being cold makes me feel like crap.

автор: KattyLoLКомментарий
last night we had to go over to the skids place to drop something off and the boys came outside to talk to DH in the front yard. i was in the car, and SS6 came running over to me, he have me a hug and a kiss and then stayed chatting to me for a while before saying "i'd better go and talk to dad now" and running off

i had assumed that DH had told him to say hello to me, but when DH got back in the car he told me that he hadn't said anything, SS had just run straight over to me when DH said i was in the car

its moments like that that can make a lot of the other cr@p fade away

автор: просто я Комментарий
кльовые фотки

автор: тупая виолеттаКомментарий
они что, полосатые? я думала они должны быть рыжими!

автор: CLOEКомментарий

автор: Гость АняКомментарий
Такие чёрно-белые,большие и маленькие.

автор: ГостьКомментарий